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Every human body needs balanced diet . Diet requirements for a person may be different from other person.We have specialty in designing balanced diet charts by thorough analysis. Dt. Akshita Aggarwal then prepares a customised diet plan.Client base includes across all age groups like children , adolescents , adults as well as senior citizen.
IDA is a member of ICDA (International Confederation of Dietetic Associations).
IDA is a member of AFDA (Asian  Federation  of Dietetic Associations).
(  About this association : In 1962, a group of like-minded nutritionists, dietitians and workers in the allied health fields resolved to form a scientific body to highlight the importance of dietetics and nutrition in the maintenance of health, and in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Thus, the Indian Dietetic Association was founded, with Prof. Kalyan Bagchi as Secretary and Dr. C. Gopalan as President. The association was affiliated to the International congress of Dietetics in 1975.)
She is also an associate member of " ASSOCIATION OF DIABETES EDUCATORS"
 Dt AKSHITA AGGARWAL  is Highly reputed dietitian and  is successfully running her private practice since 2011 ,More than 4500 people are associated and benefitted from Dt. Akshita Aggarwal.
Face to face consultation is available for Clientele from Delhi & NCR
Services are also rendered to people from all over INDIA & Abroad Via tele counselling or face to face as per requirement.

For Appointments Please call 7838084954 , 7838381020, 011-43034286
In case cell phone is busy or cant be reached , Please sms your name we will revert back.
Area of specialization :-. 
  • Weight loss
  • Weight loss diets  for improving chances of conception (pregnancy)
  • Thyroid related weight loss.
  • PCOD related weight loss
  • weight gain
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Improvement in digestive system
  • Chronic Constipation
  • GERD
  • Irritable bowel syndrome/Disorder.(IBS/IBD)
  • Reliving constipation , acidity , gas etc
  • Gestational Diabetes/Hypertension.
  • Curing Binging Eating Disorder
  • Management of blood pressure
  • Management of Sugar levels
  • Management of high cholesterol.
  • Cardiac disease
  • Low Uric Acid Diets
  • peptic ulcers
  • celiac disease 
  • Fatty LIVER
  • Renal (Kidney) Disorder
  • General Weakness.
  • Balanced Diet For Growth Of Children

Highlights of Diet Plans:-

  • Simple, Safe and Easy to follow
  • personal attention by Dt. Akshita Herself 
  • Adapted from existing eating habits
  • No fancy or rare to find food included
  • No starvation
  • No mono diet
  • No high protein diet
  • No heavy exercise
  • No chemicals or medicines prescribed
  • Customised diet plan based on requirement of individuals
  • Diet plan designed after in-depth assessment of person concerned by dietitian in about 20 minute session
  • All natural foods are used and no artificial items prescribed
  • Proven effectiveness
  • No side effects.

About Dt Akshita Aggarwal:-

Dt.Akshita is a qualified dietitian having acquired her M.Sc Foods and Nutrition degree from prestigious Institute of Hotel Managment , PUSA,Delhi and her B.Sc degree from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University(DELHI)

According to a survey she has been recognised as the BEST DIETICIAN .

Her customer satisfaction rate was found to be 99.51%

She released her first book  Titled as "THE MYTH BUSTER" on  24-07-2014


She has researched and developed four varieties of gluten free flours useful for patients of celiac disease(wheat intolerance) and these are patented in her name.

She is running a clinic on all days including sundays where clients are getting personilised hearing by her in about 20 minute session and based on inputs and research a customised diet plan is suggested to the patient. Normally the patient has to revisit after 15 days to assess the impact of diet plans and most cases patients reported favourable results.

She has contributed more than 270 articles in various newspapers published from Delhi. The readers highly acclaimed her articles You can read these articles in our subsection "ENHANCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE" on our website .  

For more details on her media coverage click on link below:-


She got training from Medanta- The Medicity , Gurgaon as dietitian and looked after patients of various profiles during this period.

She has worked with MAX BALAJI  hospital,Patparganj Delhi and was responsible to look after diet plans of patients admitted in the hospital.She was recognized as best performer and best dietitian for month November 2011 , December 2012 &  January 2012.

EAST DELHI UPDATE carries her weekly column since 2011.


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nehaMay 23, 2016i lost 21 kg with akshita mam. it took me 7 months in total. the diets were simple and easy to follow. i feel energetic, confident and can wear western outfits too now.

Thank you ma'am- you helped me a lot to change my lifestyle. 
The best part was loosing weight without starving ,no strict rules and you listened every time with so much patience and cleared all the doubts and misconceptions regarding diets and loosing weight and even gave tips to be calm and stress-free. 
Thank you ma'am for helping me to loose weight and and for being so sweet and encouraging


I came to know about my Dietician Dr. Akshita Agarwal from my brother in law and started her diet plan in July 2015. Her diet chart helped me not only in loosing weight as well as it sorted out lots of problem which I was facing for a long time. Her diet plan gave me a lot of confidence in myself. She has a vast knowledge about her field and clarifies doubts even at odd hours. I thank her very much for helping. I wish her all the very best.

Hi friends, 
My self Suneta Gupta, CA by profession. Last year somewhere around diwali days . i fell ill for 2 months i had all most every disease Like fever, vomiting , loose motions , lots of antibiotics and me. 
I almost lost my appetite. Then , to the great surprise i got to know that i am 4 months pregnant . It was shock and i was too worried as to health of mine baby. I had all test to insure baby is fine. But big fight was i still didnt wanted to eat and whatever i eat either i had vomit or loose motion. 
I was drown to such position that i could not stand of mine own. So much weakness. Started to have frequent dizziness, palpitation, shivering. 
It was like i can never recover from all this and was house arrest. Also required someone near me all the time. 
I was so fed up and doctors had no solution as i was expecting. 
Then i went to Akshita aggarwal. I knew her. I had some diet plan earlier too from her for my sister in law. 
I told everythng to Akshita and asked her solution and believe me i get through those horrible 9 months with the help of her diet only. 
I started to feel hungry and well satisfied to the things she gave me. 
Most importantly she planned as per mine favorites as i went on very choosy in those days. 
Now i m mother of 3 months old daughter and with gods grace and Akshita's help she was a healthy baby. She born with 3.3 kg weight. 
Thankx so much dear Akshita.

Akshita is a very prompt, approachable, knowledgeable and also realistic when it came to specific meal planning. I joined her for weight loss and overall I lost 7.5 kgs, reduced 3.5 inches and still planning to do more…

She e-mailed me a food plan right after my appointment. The food plan was tailored to me and what was realistic. I am very foody person and to even start dieting has always been just a dream but she made it possible as she never stopped me from eating just change my eating habits. She seems to understand what goes into changing one's diet and relationship with food. The Unique feature of customizing the diet according to my routine , likes and dislikes made it possible, you are doing a great job. I would definitely recommend her.

mam i wanna thank u for shaping me n helped me in weight loss..at a time i m 58kg n measurements r same .everybody asking how i managed ..very very thank u

I have got the best result after trying a lot of things from dt. Akshita's diet .. I hv gained the confidence which was somewhere missing in me.. N last bt not the least my internal health hasnever been taken for granted to loose my weight.. Greater attention is paid towards my health.. I love the way she serves each person according to their needs.. She is my idol

Hi I am Dr puja I had joined Akshota around 5 months back . I am extremely happy with my weight loss which is around 18 kgs in all these months . The best part about her diet is that it is very user friendly as you don't have to buy any fancy stuff. Her diet is very easy to follow and Has no side effects like weakness or hair loss etc I am extremely happy and satisfied with the diet

I have been part of Dr Akshita's programme for the past two years. Not only have I lost 10kgs and have dropped from size 16 to size 12 but also I have learnt to eat healthy. My PCOS is now under control and many more health issues are managed now. Dt Akshita has helped me not only loose weight but has also taught me how to look after my health . She is the best

Weight plans are effective..though it may vary from one individual to another. .sevice quality is prompt n effective in terms of changes in plans according to one's response to it..easy , flexible & doable diet plans..it shows good result when combined with physical activity.

I joined Akshita at 115 kgs of weight.In three months I have lost around 12 kgs of weight. my uric acid has also come down from 7.3 to 5.5 
I feel active and light. thank you .dt Akshita.

DR AKSHITA helped me with my diet management during my entire pregnancy period. I had severe headache ,indigestion and weakness.I have delivered a healthy baby of 3.5 kgs.I am thankful to her for ensuring my and my baby's health.

I joined at 69 kgs. I have successfully achieved 61 kgs within 10 weeks. so there is reduction of 8 kgs in this period. I have improved energy levels.I Strongly recommend her especially to those who are not keen on doing physical activity

Dt Akshita Aggarwal is not only a dietician but also a wonderful human being. I am so lucky to have found not just a dietician who would help me break all the food myths but also a guide and a counsellor. She has helped me become fitter and stronger both physically and mentally. With Her constant motivation and her easy to follow diet plans my life has changed for good. Her logical explanations amaze me! She is Superb!!!

I came to know about my Dietician Dr. Akshita Agarwal from my brother in law and started her diet plan in July 2015. Her diet chart helped me not only in loosing weight as well as it sorted out lots of problem which I was facing for a long time. Her diet plan gave me a lot of confidence in myself. She has a vast knowledge about her field and clarifies doubts even at odd hours. I thank her very much for helping. I wish her all the very best.

Akshita recommended me a great diet formula. She taught me that eating right is the best way to loose weight. My diet charts were full of freshly cooked Indian food which made me feel active and fuller all day. She made me eat every two hours. That way, you won't have long gaps between the meals and your chances of overloading your stomach during the next main meal are less. I feel so energetic and motivated! and that was my goal, not a simple weight loss on scales. Thanks Akshita I feel 10 kgs lighter.. Oh wait I am on scales too ;-) Also I have made a friend for life!

All the best!




Weight range (101 -140 kg)

Weight range (80 -101 kg)

Weight range (60 -80 kg)

Weight range            ( below 60 kg)

Best achieved Weight loss (kg)


7.0 kg

4.8 kg

3.2 kg

Average weight loss (kg)

5.0 kg

4.1 kg

3.3 kg

2.3 kg






Average weight loss per week:- 1kg



Weight range (101 -140 kg)

Weight range (80 -101 kg)

Weight range (60 -80 kg)

Weight range       ( below 60 kg)

Best achieved Weight loss (kg)


12.7 kg

10.2 kg

7.7 kg

Average weight loss (kg)

11.8 kg

10.6 kg

9.1 kg

5.3 kg