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May 25, 2017

Cornflakes as breakfast cereal


cornflakes is a popular breakfast cereal and is obtained by flattening and roasting of corn.


corn is a rich source of starch which are easily digested . Hence is great for loading calories when digestion is impaired due infection or swelling. 


This is an instant source of calories and hence gives a good kick start for the day .


 It has half the quantity of protein as compared to wheat and hence is easy on digestion especially for people who have protein intolerance , ibs or indigestion. Lower protein also prevents feeling of bloating and discomfort for those who have long sitting hours.


Corn has almost zero fat. very good for people watching weight .


It is also a rich source of vitamin b complex like vitamin b6 ,  vitamin b12 , vitamin b2, vitamin b1 & vitamin b3 needed for strength of muscles, nerves, energy generation as well as good gut health or digestion .


Cornflakes is quick and ready to eat food which makes it convenient for working people.


people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy cornflakes in almond milk or coconut milk.


The quality of protein in cornflakes is very poor . It has zein protein which is lacking in essential amino acids


Adding fruits and nuts to your cornflakes bowl can complete your breakfast needs as it will take care of carbohydrate, protein, fat and essential vitamins & minerals.


It has 8 times more iron content as compared to wheat. 


Also a good source of vitamin c which has anti oxidant property and enhances immunity.


It has low amount of potassium and hence is renal friendly or kidney friendly

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