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August 3, 2017



Greek yogurt is a kind of yogurt from which water or whey is removed to make it thicker compared to normal yogurt.




It has double the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt. Thus is a good in-between snack for hunger pangs between major meals.


High protein ensures satiety or feeling of fullness


It has more amount of gut friendly bacteria hence improves digestion and helps reduce gas and bloating.


It is very thick in consistency & is a good as well as lighter substitute for mayonnaise and cheese for your sandwich or rolls as spread .


It has lesser lactose so a better choice for lactose intolerant as compared to regular yogurt.


Since it is derived from yogurt it has good quantities of Vitamin b complex especially vitamin b6 & vitamin b12


All those who have hard time initiating curd or yogurt eating habits in children can opt for greek yogurt as they have better acceptability due to different flavours and thick creamy texture


You can add cornflakes/ meuseli/ puffed barley/ puffed rice to your greek yogurt and use it as a mini meal.


A good substitute for ice cream for people on diet and weight loss regime.


Due to high protein content excess consumption may lead to stomach cramps and



It is not as hydrating as regular curd and yogurt.


It is a very good source of calcium and hence helpful in osteoporosis.


Please consult your dietitian/ trainer for knowing right quantity for yourself.



June 14, 2017

Red Rice


Rice is a major staple diet for a number of people. But due to our sedentary lifestyle quick calories provided by the starch present in rice is undesirable. These can also increase sugar levels and hence diabetic people are asked to limit or avoid it.


Red rice unlike common white rice has high fibre content which helps in releasing calories in slower fashion facilitating proper absorption. Thus does not increase sugar levels or weight . It is diabetic friendly.


Major producer of red rice is Bhutan but in India , kerela also produces a similar variety commonly called “matta rice”  


Red color of the rice is due to high content of anthocyanin , which has strong anti oxidant property. Anti- oxidants are helpful in degenerative conditions like cardiac disorders, arthiritis , cancer etc.


Anthocyanin is also anti ageing and helps in reducing stress.


It is low in protein and has approximately half the quantity of protein as compared to wheat , thus it is easy on digestion and recommended for people who have acidity problems.


Rice generally causes constipation but due to high fibre content red rice is recommended in constipation too.


Iron content of red rice is quite high. It gives us almost 3.9 times more iron than wheat.


Red rice is also rich in b complex unlike white rice and hence has positive effect on our digestion and energy metabolism.


Since it is also rich in magnesium it also promotes bone health.


High fibre makes it cholesterol lowering and hence good for heart.


It may take longer time to cook as compared to normal rice due to high fibre content.


May 25, 2017

Cornflakes as breakfast cereal


cornflakes is a popular breakfast cereal and is obtained by flattening and roasting of corn.


corn is a rich source of starch which are easily digested . Hence is great for loading calories when digestion is impaired due infection or swelling. 


This is an instant source of calories and hence gives a good kick start for the day .


 It has half the quantity of protein as compared to wheat and hence is easy on digestion especially for people who have protein intolerance , ibs or indigestion. Lower protein also prevents feeling of bloating and discomfort for those who have long sitting hours.


Corn has almost zero fat. very good for people watching weight .


It is also a rich source of vitamin b complex like vitamin b6 ,  vitamin b12 , vitamin b2, vitamin b1 & vitamin b3 needed for strength of muscles, nerves, energy generation as well as good gut health or digestion .


Cornflakes is quick and ready to eat food which makes it convenient for working people.


people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy cornflakes in almond milk or coconut milk.


The quality of protein in cornflakes is very poor . It has zein protein which is lacking in essential amino acids


Adding fruits and nuts to your cornflakes bowl can complete your breakfast needs as it will take care of carbohydrate, protein, fat and essential vitamins & minerals.


It has 8 times more iron content as compared to wheat. 


Also a good source of vitamin c which has anti oxidant property and enhances immunity.


It has low amount of potassium and hence is renal friendly or kidney friendly


May 22, 2017



  • Quinoa is plant seed commonly consumed as a grain. 


  • This is rich in fibre and hence is useful for a number of conditions. People with constipation, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure can benefit from Quinoa.


  • This is a cardiac- friendly grain as this contains antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids which protect heart from free radicals. The high fibre content helps in avoiding deposition of cholesterol in arteries . It also has copper which is very important for heart muscle functioning.


  • Quinoa contains phyto hormones or plant hormones called phytoestrogens . These  behave like  female hormones or oestrogen in body and hence are helpful in treatment of menopause.


  • This is a gluten free grain and hence recommended for wheat allergy or celiac disease patients. 


  • Quinoa is good for bone health as it is a good source of calcium, phosphorus as well as magnesium .


  • Its low fat , high protein, high fibre content makes it popular amongst overweight people.


  • This can be consumed as porridge, as a part of salad, pulav or ground in atta form for flat breads( chapatti).